Friday, September 2, 2011

You help me and I'll help you

Well I have finally got to the point where I can go to the cafe and order food all by myself!  lol I think I'm addicted to kimchi however. So many exciting things took place this week and i never had one dull moment. I think the biggest surprise was was being invited to the opening of the new exhibition hall at the university of Incheon. I got to meet the president of the university and then he invited me up to the ribbon of the new building. I was so excited and happy to be standing next to the president of the University during this exciting moment. This week I also started class. At first class was a struggle because I wasn't sure how everything would go with me not speaking Korean and not knowing anyone. However when I met my professors all that changed. All of my classes are taught in English and all my professors have taught school at American Universities, and when I do get lost in class the Korean students help me out a lot! I even had a group of Korean students who were taking an English class ask me if I could help them study for their upcoming test. I was so excited because they help me out so much and now I got to return the favor. I have made some really great friends here and because of them I don't feel like the "weird American" We share stories of how we grew up and what types of movies and music we like. I thought it was funny that even though we didn't know much of the same music and movies, we all agreed that Beyonce and Lady Gaga were AMAZING, and that Jackie Chan will only get better as he ages, lol

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