Friday, September 16, 2011


Well usually this time takes place in late November in America, but here in Korea we have just celebrated Thanksgiving! I remember the first time i heard about this holiday was my first day of class when my teacher was going over the syllabus and talked about how there would be no class because of Chuseok. I thought to myself "just great, thanksgiving is coming up in Korea and i have nowhere to go!" my plan for that holiday weekend was to pack up on some noodles and watch movies. The next day at school, I ran into one of my new Korean friend Yun Joohee. She asked me what I was doing for the holidays and I told her my plans that included movies and noodles. She was like "oh no Nicole, you will come and join my family for Chuseok and I did. When i walked into Yun Johee's  house i was greeted by her father and he then we walked into the kitchen and that is where i saw Johee's grandmother sitting at the kitchen table pullings some type of green veggies in a big bowl of water and her mother was standing over the sink also  with food in her hands. There was so much food on the table and and the stove and it reminded me so much of Thanksgiving back home with my family. Johee's mother said something to her in Korean and the Johee looked at me and said my mother said you will be cooking too today! lol I couldnt help but smile because not only were they nice enough to invite me to their house but she let me be a part of a family tradition. The next day there so many family members that came over and the family broke into groups in sat on the floor. There was the young people group (Johee and I were part of this group), there was the male group and there was a woman's group. Each family group had a plate of Asian peaches and a cup of tea. We talked and laugh and talked and laugh some more and I felt so welcomed! after johee's family left, we all sat on the floor around the table and  ate our Chuseok meal and it was DELICIOUS! every bite of it was so tasty! Johee's family asked me if I miss my family in America and i said "yes, very much" and that's when Johee's mother said something to her in Korean. Johee smiled and looked at me and said my mother said we will be your family. I wanted to cry because the kindness and care that this family showed for me was incredible and I was a total stranger. I really enjoyed my experience at Yun Johee's house. Her family was so amazing! Even though we spoke two totally different languages, we were still able to laugh and have fun and enjoy Chuseok together.

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