Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodbye Midterms----> Hello Nami Island!!

It feels like it has been forever since I wrote on my blog!!! That's because it was midterm exam week here at Incheon University and I had 4 big exams to study for. I spent my days and night in the study room that they provide in dormitory. But i'm glad I studied as hard as I did because when I went to take each of my exams, I had confidence for all of them. I finally finished my last exam Monday and it was definitely time to be awarded for all my hard work! I guess Incheon International office, thought the same thing because they had planned a trip for the foreign students to visit the Nami Island. The Nami Island is about 3 hours from Incheon (Song-do), so it took awhile to get there but it was worth the wait! We took a boat over to the Island and when we got off the boat, I was so amazed my the beauty of this island! All i wanted to do was take pictures. I got so caught up and taking pictures, I forgot I had to meet everyone for lunch! lol I had so much fun at Nami Island, the Korean sculptures were incredible! I also got to take pictures inside a traditional Korean home. I thought this was fascinating because I have never been inside one because most of the Korean homes that I had been to were apartments. Well This weekend coming up is Halloween and I'm very surprised that Korea has a lot going on for Halloween! A lot of the students and I are planning on traveling down to Seoul for Halloween and participate and some of the Halloween events! So make sure you come back to read that blog! Well I have a dictation quiz in my Korean Language class today, so I better get to studying! Annoyonghi Kasayo!!