Friday, August 26, 2011

First week in Incheon

After 21 hours of flying and (bad butt aches) I finally made it to Incheon, Korea! I was so nervous when I got off that plane bc at that very moment I realized that I was ALONE! I knew NO ONE!  I prayed and prayed that I would see a poster with my name or someone yelling "Nicole" so I wouldn't feel so out of place. And right wen I walked through the foreigner passenger gates, I saw a smiling face waving at me and he said "HELLO" All I could do was smile because I knew he was there for me! That guy was구완서    or American name (Leo)!  All my butterflies and nervousness had went away at that moment. We took the bus to he University and  had lunch! That is where i fell in love with Kim chi! It was so yummy and delicious! But throughout the week I have met some really great people at the University and we all hung out and even went to a karaoke place and sang and laughed all night! Class starts Monday so I'm curious of how that will go and I will be sure to let everyone know in my next post! I'm so excited for my next adventure with my new friends! TTYL!

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