Monday, November 7, 2011

JUMP!!! :))

Only 5 more weeks left in Korea. The closer the time gets the more i hate to leave! I truly have come to love this Country! At first i wasn't sure if I was going to make it the whole 5 months because of all the differences in cultures and the way of living. But now I have grown to admire the differences between the my culture and Korean Culture. i have made some great friends so far and I'm going to miss them so much when it's time for me to leave. Some of them are already planning their trip to America to come visit me next summer! lol Two of my friend Min and You Ra took me to a non verbal play called  "JUMP". I wasn't sure what to expect since there was no speaking and if they did do any speaking it would be in Korean. However, I understood everything that happen during the play. It was amazing to me, that even though there were no words except for a little Korean, I still got the message of the play! After the play, they took me to this festival on the river in Jon-ro, Seoul. There were all these beautiful artworks and each artwork had some kind of Korean story. My friends walked around the whole park and they would just point out pictures and tell me the stories behind the pictures. That meant so much to me that they wanted to share their history with me. They didn't mine if we took longer looking at the pictures than others because they had to explain to me the meaning! I love all the friends I have made here in Korea and I hope our friendships last forever!

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