Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween in Korea 2011

Wow! I thought I had a good time with Halloween in america but Korea definitely top any of the Halloween parties I've been to. At first I was afraid to wear a costume because I didn't think that "the costume part" of Halloween was popular! BUT I was wrong! I went to Hongdae, Seoul for Halloween with friends and the streets were filled with Koreans and foreigners with costumes, face paint, mask etc. There were so many Halloween parties to go to and everyone had a good time. After the big Halloween bash that took place. The international office at the university of Incheon decided to throw a Halloween party for the International students. I was so happy and thankful that they tried to bring some of the American Culture to their school to make us feel more like at home. The party was so much fun! There was games, magic shows, music, food and prizes! I was fun to share this American tradition with the Korean students. But not only the Korean students, but also with the Chinese, Japanese and Spanish students! I can tell that everyone really enjoyed themselves that night!

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